The Weakest Link

The Weakest Link  was a show in the US from 2001-2003 (the UK version originated in 2000 and ended in 2012).  The format consisted of nine contestants answering questions in the hopes of earning money for each correct answer.  Yet, at the end of each round, the player that answered a question incorrectly and failed to ‘bank’ the money earned, was eliminated.  The host, Anne Robinson, a sarcastic Brit that made Alex Trebek seem nice, would say to each loser “You are the weakest link.  Goodbye!”

They say that the people you surround yourself with influence your behaviors.  So it is essential to make sure those people are doing positive things.

I am proud to say that I have chosen my friends wisely.  Because it just so happens that most of my friends are entrepreneurs.  My sister from another mister is opening her own dance studio ( next month (check out her open house on Feb 6th!).  Watching her accomplish her goals is beyond inspiring.  The rest of my friends are life or fitness coaches, jewelry makers, consultants for creative companies,  celebrity stylists, recording artists and/or travel the world.

With that said, watching them make their dreams come true keeps me on my toes.  I am encouraged to get off my butt to do the same and more.  Simply put, I don’t want to be the weakest link in my circle of friends.  I don’t want to be left behind.

I went to Trinidad for Carnival in 2014 with a group of 14 other women (yes, 14 and we didn’t kill each other).  After Carnival was over, we went to Tobago for the ‘cool down.’  While there, we took a group picture on the beach.  The picture later received some unexpected attention.  It resurfaced on various social media accounts and was heavily commented on, mostly by men.  There was a lot of positive feedback, even marriage proposals, lol.

Yet, I didn’t like the way I looked in the picture.  I was among these gorgeous women and felt like the least attractive one.  Sure, I’m my own worst critic.  But all I could see was my love (hate) handles peeking out from the sides of my swimsuit.  Well, we are going back to Carnival this year with a group of 24 women (yes, a small village).  I am determined to feel comfortable in my own skin this year.  I want to look the best I ever have.

I have a strong dislike for people that talk about doing something, yet never do it.  I would hate to become that person.  So I am not going to keep putting things off until tomorrow or next week.  I am going to take the steps necessary to accomplish my goals and to see my dreams come true.  I am not going to talk about it anymore, I am going to be about it. Leggo!




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